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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions

OpenMfg solutions are based on the OpenMFG core manufacturing system, a fully-integrated end-to-end ERP system for make-to-order, make-to-stock, and mixed-mode manufacturers. The OpenMFG software is a true client/server application, fully Internet-ready, with an enterprise-class relational database doing the heavy lifting behind the scenes.

You can download the OpenMFG brochure (PDF), and detailed information on features and functionality (PDF). And yes, we publish our pricing.


OpenMFG ERP Suite Version 1.1

OpenMFG, like most ERP applications, is organized by functional areas, or "modules." These modules (listed below) are highly interconnected and integrated, but you can customize which modules - even which individual tasks - each of your staff is authorized to use.

This system runs on a Linux Server and can have Linux, Windows, Apple work stations.




Inventory Management (I/M)

Detailed and up-to-the-minute visibility into your inventory, the I/M Module is scalable to multiple Warehouses and defined Locations within Warehouses. I/M allows you to easily manage Cycle Counts, Transfers, Scrap, and any other inventory-related transactions.



Part Definition and Costing (P/D)

Manage all of your Component Parts and costs, including Labor, Work Centers, Bills of Materials and Bills of Operations.



Work Order Management (W/O)

Manage the Work Orders that are the center of the manufacturing process. Work Orders can be generated and exploded automatically at the time of a Sales Order, or manually.



Master Scheduling and MRP (M/S)

Scheduling manufacturing activity is at the heart of OpenMFG's Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and Manufacturing Resources Planning (MRP-II) functionality.



Capacity Planning (C/P)

Plan your upcoming infinite capacity production needs.



Purchase Order Management (P/O)

Work with and track your key Vendors, utilizing a variety of forms, documents, and processes that meet ISO 9000 vendor-performance standards.



Sales Order Management (S/O)

Enter new Customer Orders, specify payment terms, and manage pricing and Customer billing.



Shipping and Receiving (S/R)

Manage the movement of materials and Finished Goods to Shipping, and print all necessary Shipping and Receiving documentation and forms. Maintain Rate information for internal and third-party shipping.



Sales Analysis (S/A)

Track detailed Customer sales history and behavior, down to the most granular levels, time-phased over multiple periods that you define.



Accounts Payable (A/P)
Accounts Receivable (A/R)
General Ledger (G/L)

Manage your cash, make and receive payments, maintain journals and accounts. OpenMFG includes fully-integrated accounting functionality, or can be optionally interfaced to a third-party accounting system or financial report writer.



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